Killer in Black


Killer in Black

Price: $15
Length: 34 Minutes
Size: 898 MBs
Starring: Reya Fet


Having somehow survived her capture by Holloway, Barbara (Addie Juniper) has now become Dark Rogue. After a long night on patrol, Dark Rogue wakes up to an alert on her phone—Commissioner Jordan has been kidnapped. Feeling that Mayor Hawthorne may be involved, she returns to the studio where Wonderful Girl was defeated.

Scorpion has taken Commissioner Jordan prisoner, temporally disobeying her orders from Mayor Hawthorne to kill Jordan, she has fun torturing him instead… until her torture session with Jordan is interrupted by Dark Rogue, a heroine Scorpion has never heard of. Luckily for Scorpion, she grows more fond of playing with Dark Rogue than Commissioner Jordan—even more so after discovering there may be more to Dark Rogue than the obvious.

Will Dark Rogue be able to save her father? Can she even save herself?

Alternate Endings – Win/Lose