This preorder is to fund production cost of a sequel to Ashley Lane’s Supergirl film.

Supergirl II

I want to have a 3B1G scene in this film, that would make this the most expensive film I’ve ever made. In order for me to be able to pull this off I would need pre-funding to handle the production cost. The preorder/release cost will be more expensive due to the bloated cost of production. 

Shooting Date: Hoping for Early August (If we can secure enough funds to allow for it)

Delivery Date: November/December (Sooner if my schedule allows for it, but this is a worse case scenario schedule)

In order for film to be green-lit I will need to collect a minimum of 125 preorders. So please, if you liked to see this film come to light don’t hesitate! 

$40 Preorder Cost / $50 Release Date Cost

$60 preorder includes Uninvited 6 (Preorder Edition) if don’t already own it 

Guaranteed elements:

Ashley Lane as Supergirl 

Costume Destruction



Laser Eyes / Super Breathe

As of now I want to avoid Kryptonite as a weapon.

Film will be brutal in tone and heroine will not enjoy herself. 

Things I am considering but haven’t committed too:

Kryptonian’s as the main villains of the film.

I hope you guys are game. Cause I would love to make this film happen.