Price: $15
Length: 25 Minutes
Size: 620 MBs
Starring: Hannah Perez


Wonderful Girl has been taken captive by the evil Queen Demise. She finds herself tied up and redressed in her new ‘slave’ outfit, as Queen Demise is excited to begin Wonderful Girl’s punishment. If Wonderful Girl can endure and overcome her predicament Demise will grant her freedom, if she succumbs, Demise wants her power and soul. 

Wonderful Girl is quick to find herself outgunned by Demise and her henchmen, as the group launches a multitude of attacks on the heroine. They swarm around her, lunging, attacking. Even as Wonderful Girl comes out ahead by knocking out one of the men, Demise is quick to revive them. They pound on her, electrocute her, bearhugs, knees to the spine, racked over their shoulders. Its a complete assault. 


Queen Demise has some personal time with Wonderful Girl after she is defeated, before sucking out her powers.