Price: $15
Length: 29 Minutes
Size: 644 MBs
Starring: Hannah Perez, Candle Boxxx


Wonderful Girl is defeated. As she begins to awaken, tied in chair, she finds she is unable to move her body. The attack from the Mayor and Scorpion has taken its toll but Wonderful Girl’s problems are only beginning.

Red Eye has been sent to interrogate Wonderful Girl, and with the assistance of Wonderful Girl’s lasso, she is easily able to extract sensitive information for her employer and enter Wonderful Girl’s mind. As Red Eye begins to expose the dark perversions lurking in her mind, Wonderful Girl is humiliated by what Red Eye explains and insists are Wonderful Girl’s inner desires. Or are they?

Barbara Jordan decides to dive back into grassroots reporting, investigating the Mayor’s “Meet and Greet” with The Defenders after her colleague informs her it was suspiciously “canceled” at the last minute. She quickly finds herself in over her head with one of her dad’s old rivals discovering the truth about what has really happened to Wonderful Girl.